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We offer boys a safe place where they can talk about what is really going on in their lives surrounded by a community of mentors and peers who listen, believe, and help guide them towards better choices. You can be an actively involved positive role model and a source of support for boys who would otherwise go without. Helping a boy become a good man also helps you grow into the best man you can be. Boys to Men mentors report feeling more connected to themselves and their community. Step into a greater sense of purpose and belonging: Find a school close to you to get involved.

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Boys to Men Mentoring provides mentoring support to over 300+ boys in our community. Our organization works with 18 different schools on the Big Island, Kauai, Maui, and Oahu with a waiting list of schools asking for mentoring programs.  Contact us for more information on a school that is close to you. Join us today!

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Become a positive role model in boys’ lives and help struggling boys become good men.
72% of the boys in Boys to Men live below the poverty level in single parent homes.

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Boys to Men Hawaii is proud to serve your local community. We are currently serving over 200 youth on Oahu, Kauai, and Hawaii Islands, and will soon be expanding to Maui. Join our group of 100 experienced mentors who have taken our pledge to encourage at-risk boys to become men of the future.

Become a Group Mentor With Boys to Men

FAQ’s About Mentoring

Group mentoring is a low-stress way to mentor boys in a facilitated environment. Unlike one-to-one matches, group mentors are not left alone with a single boy. Boys to Men group mentoring consists of a 4:1 boy to mentor ratio. For example, 4 men sit in circle with 16 boys once a week during the school day. The group is led by a trained facilitator. Through listening, sharing their own stories, and accepting the boys without judgment, group mentors provide a safe place for adolescent boys to talk about the challenges they are facing.

We need good men, not perfect men.  We need men who are willing to be honest and vulnerable.  All good men can be group mentors.  Men who have faced challenges of their own in adolescence and beyond make very good mentors.  Shy men, outgoing men, men of all ages, and from all walks of life – we need a variety of male role models to mentor a variety of boys.  We need men who know that all boys start life out as good people and men who want to live their own lives as positive role models who believe that every boy deserves a chance to grow up to be a good man.

It’s based on your lifestyle and needs. Generally, group mentors are asked to participate at least once per month during the school year.  Meetings are less than 2 hours each.

New group mentors are invited to take a one day Reclaim Your Teenage Fire.  This experiential training is a gift most mentors will treasure for the rest of their lives!  This training helps mentors become stronger leaders in their lives.  Mentors explore their own hopes, fears, dreams, and experiences of adolescence.  Mentors identify their own strengths and mentoring styles; they learn how to relate to each other and with the boys in a way that will change their lives. Ongoing training and supervision is provided by experienced mentors year round

The benefits of group mentoring are not just limited to the boys and their community. The men who serve as mentors benefit from the experience, too. Our volunteer group mentors report a deeper sense of connection to their community and overall greater sense of purpose. The naturally earned status of a man who cares about the future of his community resonates in our mentor’s personal and professional lives.

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